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Black Businesses Caribbean is an online marketplace and directory for Black businesses and their customers.Let's support each other, circulate the Black dollar within our community and build wealth for ourselves and future generations.

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Really great site to find useful information about local black businesses. Look forward to share more!

Karla CEO, Food Lover
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WOW... Nice place to share my business! I’ m a very adventurous person so I love to try new restaurants, hair salons, even nightlife when I’m in different cities!

Laurel James Travellers
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I adore learning about new as well as old local, especially small independent business'. And this is just the place for doing so.

Alexkaay Local Guide
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This site is extremely useful in helping me find businesses and services that are black owned. You guys are the best! Keep up the great work!

Shana H Manager
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You've been so helpful.

Jonathan R Accountant
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I found this site very user friendly and would recommend it to my family and friends

Claudia J Clerk
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BBC helps us offer customer service that's as special as the items we sell.

Eric W Sales Rep
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Thank you for the great service. I have received at least 20 times the value from this website. I will let my family know about this, they could really make use of this site. Great Job!!!

Gabriel B Entrepreneur
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It's exactly what i have been looking for. BBC did exactly what they said it does. This website has helped my salon. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.

Kimberley T Hairdresser
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I love this website. It allows me to present my talents to the Black Community. I have been getting more sales than I could imagine.

Samantha L Photographer
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We were looking for a contractor to remodel our bathroom. This app allowed us to support black company that we wouldn’t have found prior. We will continue to use this app for other services.

James Tuff CEO

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